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A-Dura / France-2 (développements récents)

Overview of Al Dura Video and Story (Pajamas Media)



 On the Website of Pajamas Media.



Video Overviews by Augean Stable’s Second Draft:

·         A 13 minute Video Overview 

·         Icon of Hatred Video  Explores the Impact of the Al Dura Story: Ramallah  ynching, incitement of children, suicide attacks, OBL recruiting tapes, Daniel Pearl Execution Video 

·         Pallywood Video. Covers the general practice of fabricating news stories in the Palestinian Territories with special focus on other video from the same time period as the Al Durah Video.

·         A New Dreyfus Affair (Front Page Magazine)

·         Al Durah: The Chronology (Augean Stables)

·         Myth, Fact and the AL-Dura Affair (Canadian Coalition for Democracies - Nidra Poller)

·         Augean Stable SECOND DRAFT - on Al Dura

·         Statement under oath of France 2 Cameraman - Talal Hassan Abu Rahma This October 2000 document claims "I spent approximately 27 minutes photographing the incident which took place for 45 minutes". 


Fall 2007 Chronology


September - October 2007


Sept 6 - Petition Established to ask France 2 to release 27 minutes of video

Sept 17 - Israel Defense (IDF) demands uncut al-Dura tape - Jerusalem Post

Sept 19 French Court - Asks France 2 to produce Videos

·        Pajamas Media -

·        Associated Press - Haaretz


October 1 Israel Officially Declares Al Dura Footage Staged


November 2007


Run up to the November 14 Court Viewing of Video - France 2 Producer (Enderlin) to Submit Video to France Court that is 9 minutes shorter than France 2 Cameraman’s (Abu Rahma) Oct 2000 Raw Version

·        (Oct 2000) Sworn Statement by Cameraman that raw video was 27 minutes

·        Enderlin Previews 18 Minute Video to Haaretz Reporter - November 8 Article :Haartz Reporter Claims Enderlin showed him 18 minute video (two weeks prior) that will be sent to French court.

·        November 8 France 2 Reporter Enderlin Confirms to BBC - he will submit 18 min. of "unedited footage filmed that day" to court


November 14 - France Appellate Court to Views The Video


The Petition

The Petition Link - sign, view signatures, comment (created by Augean Stable)

Petition - Overview (from Augean Stables)


The September 2006 Trial


More Information on Al-Dura


Augean Stable - Archive on Al Dura


France 2 TV - Blog on Al Doura Affair - (Mostly in French)


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